The Archive has the following sub-categories:

1. Reason for Emerging

Cognitive mistake

Perception flaw

Missing information

Surprising behavior


2.Interaction Partner




3.Type of Interaction




In the research, I found six features which form the dramatic structure of the anomalies. Three of these features depend on the mode and reaction of the one experiencing the anomaly. Because the aim of this web database is to offer inspiration for producing new anomalies, those features are not usable here. Instead, the three features listed above can be utilized in planning one’s own reality adjustments.

Donate an Anomaly!

Everyday Anomaly Archive collects experiences of sudden confusion. Please help us by donating your experience to our collection.

The stories are handled anonymously, and the possible names in the stories can be changed. The only important point is that somebody has experienced the anomaly – you can submit a story even it was told to you, not experienced by yourself.

Thank you!