A Giant Behind My Window

I had been working for over a year in an office room. There were three desks in the room, two near to the window, one further away. The desks are personal to the employees, but available for others to use if the “owner” of the desk is working somewhere else. My desk was at the window wall but not straight in front of the window. I had been using sometimes also the other desk which was nearest to the window, and of course waked around the room a lot. So it was a totally familiar place to me. One day, for some reason, I settled to work at the third desk, farthest from the window. In the middle of focused working I looked out of the window and saw a huge character outside. The room was located on the second floor, so the thing had to be quite tall. When I looked again, I recognized the character as a juniper-like tree which had a uniform cony shape. I had seen the trees at the yard a thousand times, and had watched out of the window as many times. The tree is not visible from the viewpoint where I usually look out of the window, so I had an idea there is an unobstructed view in every direction. Seeing a big character in the view which should be empty startled me, because it means this strange creature had somehow appeared there.