A Wrong Man in a Wrong Car

I was with a colleague A waiting for another (B) to pick us up for a conference we were  together heading to. I and A did not know, what kind of car B had, so we were peeking in to different parked cars, already causing a bit of confusion to the drivers sitting in them. For some reason, we thought B would have a large car (which he did not, and had never  had, when I asked later).

B called that he is a bit late. After a while, a large Mercedes stopped on the roadside. My colleague walked briskly towards the car. The driver opened the passenger door. It was dusky, so it was difficult to see into the car. I saw a man with dark eyeglass frames (similar to our colleague B) sitting in. My friend walked towards the trunk of the car, aiming to put her bags in. I noticed there was something weird in the man, but was somehow taken away by my other colleagues’ confident behaviour. The driver asked: where are you going? I answered: to Kauniainen (which was our destination). Then he said something like: I am not going to…blah blah blah. Our colleague B uses often ironic humour, so I was not listening very carefully because I thought it was a joke. Of course he was going to Kauniainen! Then I felt confused: he had his laptop and other stuff all over the passenger seat. I asked: how do we organize? Because I was about to sit in the front so we could discuss. Then the man repeated: I am not going to Kauniainen, I am going swimming (there is a swim hall nearby). Then, at last, I, noticed that he was a totally wrong man. I tried to apologise, but he was maybe too confused to answer.