Am I Going Crazy?

I had recently moved to London where I stayed at home taking care of our children while my husband was working. I decided that once I had time, I could use it to learning to sew clothes with a sewing machine. That would be a useful skill when I could repair and maybe even make clothes to my children. When I started, I did not have any sewing skills so I practiced with miscellaneous pieces of cloth. It was Christmas time, and our friends who had children of the same age than ours  came to visit us for the holidays. After Christmas, one of my children came to show me her shirt which had one of the sleeves sewed so that it was not possible to push one’s hand through the sleeve. I immediately started to doubt myself: for what reason had I sewed the sleeve like that? Was I going crazy? The mystery was soon solved: the daughter of the family visiting us sucked her thumb at night so they had sewed the sleeves of her nighties so that she would get rid of the habit. This girl happened to have similar shirt with my daughter, and her shirt had accidentally been left in her closet after their visit.