Double Exposure

My daughter was about to leave abroad for a student exchange. We were having lunch together in a buffet restaurant near to my work place before I would take her to the bus to airport. We were already finished. I put my coat on, and took the dishes to the counter. The restaurant was busy, and because we were about to leave, someone reserved the table by leaving his coat on the chair and went to fetch food. Suddenly, somebody called me from the other side of the restaurant. First I did not recognise them but after a moment I understood they were my new colleagues I did not know very well yet. I greeted them, and at the same time dressed on the coat hanging on the chair. Luckily, before exiting the restaurant I noticed that I had dressed on top of my own coat the coat of the unknown person who was about to come back to the table any moment. This was a collide between two worlds and mindsets: the professional expert and the affectionate parent.