Father or Son?

In a game played on our wedding party I had to try to recognize the legs of my brand new husband from some other men’s legs. I had to make this blindfolded, by feeling. The task was easy, I was very soon positive I recognized my husband’s legs, and I exclaimed it in very certain voice. After a while I got permit to undress the blindfold, still on my knees on the floor. I looked up, and saw my husband’s father standing in front of me. I could not understand, how could I mistake them (of course, how it happened, was that they did silently change their places after I announced my selection). The prank was simple, but in the situation it was really expressive: wedding party as a peak of romantic relationship, he becoming my father-in-law, I kneeling on the floor. The prank played with many taboos of sexual and familial relationships. And, of course, it was fun.