Imaginary/Real Fiancé

My friends organized me a beautiful bachelorette party. The participants traveled to a small island by bus and boat, and spent a night making a bunch of traditional rituals needed to achieve a good marriage. My last task was to walk blindfolded through “Jatulintarha”, a round-shaped maze made of stones. My friend told me that I would see my fiancé in the center of the maze once I would get there. Instead of being present in the experience I spent all the walk pondering how should I behave once I would reach the center. I really wanted my friends to notice how much I appreciated their efforts and our time together, so I did not want to let them down. Should I pretend to see my fiancé as a mirage, or what would I do? The surprise was tremendous once the blindfold was undressed: in front of me stood my fiancé, in person. I did not have any idea that my friends could have planned to bring him there, because of the long travel. I had so strong preconception of the nature and content of the “play” that the deconstruction of it was really a striking experience. The “play” turned out to be real, the words of my friend concrete instead of metaphorical.