Missing Mini

I had a yellow Mini. Next to my office was a long and wide straight road. There were some free parking lots along to this road, and I often parked my car there. The Mini was small, but on the other hand, its colour was really distinctive in the middle of all the myriad metal, black and white coloured cars the Finns especially like. One day I was coming from work. I walked along to this road, going to my car. I was approximately on the spot I had parked the car, but I could see nothing yellow. I even walked a bit longer, thinking that maybe I parked the car a bit more further. There was a really good visibility along the road. I still did not see my car. I looked forward and saw only the last grey car parked some meters in front of me. I looked through its windows, but did not see anything yellow. I was positive: my dear car has been stolen! I called to my partner and asked him what should one do if her car is stolen. While talking, I walked forward, and found my Mini behind the last car, which was so large that it hid the small car totally.