Reluctant Buyer

My colleague buys and sells old stuff in her free time. Once we were traveling to a conference by her car. She had agreed a meeting with a man who wanted to buy a painting called “A Lapland Man with His Reindeers“. The buyer lived in a town which was along our way so it was handy to deliver the painting to him while driving past. They had agreed a meeting in a spot along a quiet road. When we arrived at the spot we noticed a car parked there. Good, he has already arrived, we thought. My colleague took the painting to the car. In her energetic style she yelled: “Here is the painting, we have to keep going”. The man in the car was perplexed: he was not the one she had organized a meeting with, but somebody else who just happened to park at the roadside. And he definitely did not want to have any paintings of reindeers.