Wrong Cards in My Pocket

Two weeks ago my husband’s coat was stolen when he was at barber’s. When he was leaving, he found another coat hanging in the rack instead of his coat. There had been a library lending card and a grocery shop bonus card in his pocket. We tried to look for the coat everywhere, but could not find it. The cards were found in the library, where someone had returned them.

One day my husband got a call from an unknown lady. She had returned home from a vacation and noticed a strange coat hanging in their coat rack. He asked her husband, whose coat it was? He answered that it was his coat. His wife knew that her husband did not have a coat like that one. She asked him the name in the cards he had so conscientiously returned, looked for a phone number and called to this person asking if his coat was missing. The man had been using the wrong coat for two weeks, and wondered all the time why somebody had put an unknown person’s cards in his pocket.