Detail Bingo

Detail Bingo is a tool for noticing the abundance of details in one’s environment. The idea is simple (only to observe one’s surroundings and check a box in a bingo card when certain detail is perceived) but when used, the tool is surprisingly eye-opening. It is focused on making visible the nodes the everyday life consists of. This version is about of concrete things and actions, but it is possible to play the game also with more conceptual details, found for example in speech and gestures. For that reason there are also blank versions of the cards.

There are two modes of playing: stationary and moving. The main objective of this game is to practice perception, and maybe to bring ideas of producing new anomalies based on everyday details. The tool is inspired by Georges Perec’s book An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris (1975)  The moving version can be seen as an application of Situationist Dérive. 

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